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Living Longer, Better, Happier
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HEALTHY TRINBAGO Living Longer, Better, Happier


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About Us

Carin Television Limited has been in operation for more than 10 years, promoting healthy lifestyles for the nation.  Our primary medium to date has been TV monitors located at 50 public and private medical centres.  We have been able to achieve a very high ontime for this type of medium compared with similar initiatives in the public health system.  We provide relevant, interesting video content for persons at a time that they are most receptive to these ideas.  We rely on the support of the medical facilities and corporate sponsorship for the success of the initiative.

Please note that this venture is a net cost to us and is a means of “giving back”. 

Over the years, we have upgraded our technology from TV/DVD to Monitor/PC and to online systems where available.  I am very happy to advise that we are rebranding as Healthy Trinbago - living longer, better, happier!  Healthy Trinbago is a programme of information and activities focussing on Health, Wellness and Family Life in our country.   We have already launched our website, HealthyTrinbago.com and have started an electronic billboard campaign.  We have also upgraded the video we show at the facilities.  Our new programme is designed to be more engaging for the viewers, and appealing for sponsors."